May 6, 2021

Vision to Thrive

For Pastors and Churches

President Randall Bach would like to welcome you to this Thrive21 Virtual Convention! Nothing about this convention is “conventional” but we are still excited to share how God has been moving in Open Bible Churches!

State of the Association

For Pastors and Churches

In his State of the Association report President Bach presents an overview of our vision and direction, and reports about four significant areas where God is moving through Open Bible Churches.

We Believe for Kids!

For Pastors and Churches

We Believe KIDs is a new doctrinal catechism based on the Open Bible doctrine’s manual, We Believe: Core Truths for Christian Living. Geared for children in fifth and sixth grades, this comprehensive curriculum will provide churches with engaging instructional resources and tools to teach fundamentals of the Christian faith to an age group that we must reach! Learn about this exciting new resource!

Nosotros Creemos

Pastores e iglesias hispanas

Los pastores Jorge Navarrete y Roberto Seda compartirán sobre las últimas actualizaciones del libro de estudio doctrinal de las Iglesias de la Biblia Abierta: «Nosotros Creemos», además de los videos y las guías para nuevos líderes que lo acompañan, ¡todo en español!


For Pastors and Churches

MOVEMENT is Open Bible Churches’ ministry to mobilize Generation Z and their leaders, to invite them to discover community with peers who are sold out for God, to capture their hearts with commitment to a cause much bigger than themselves, and to empower them to discover how they can make a significant contribution to the cause. MOVEMENT leader Pastor Michael Nortune will give you an exciting peek into what is on the horizon.
Learn the latest about MOVEMENT’s vision for 2021 and beyond!


For Pastors and Churches

MOVE mobilizes men in the body of Christ with a vision to enhance missions and church ministries around the world by constructing churches and other ministry buildings. MOVE teams accomplish this through short-term missions trips with at least one build project annually. All structures are self-funded through donations. Men who go on a short-term mission trips have the opportunity to build for the kingdom of God and their own spiritual growth. Lives are changed, at home and overseas! Learn about and become part of MOVE’s plans for 2021 and beyond! Pastors, Aaron will also share with you testimonies about other pastors who have participated as members of MOVE teams and invite you to join.


May 11, 2021

Beyond Survive to Thrive!

For Pastors and Churches

Deborah Pegues resolutely proclaims that she refuses to be a victim. She has an ebullient faith about God’s calling and favor. A nationally-known speaker, author, and leader, Deborah will inspire and encourage you about moving beyond survival mode of the last coronavirus year to thriving with the anointing and favor of the Holy Spirit. As she says, “Don’t let facts hijack your faith!” Don’t miss this; it is for you.


May 13, 2021

Find Your Leadership Voice

For Women

Know how to speak up and what to say, and identify when not to speak without regrets. Learn the skills to advocate for yourself and others. Grow in confidence while keeping pride in check. Discern how to be heard without being resented. Kadi gives the wisdom and insight of the seasoned mentor we all need, along with the witty humor and down-to-earth advice of the close friend we all want. A panel of Open Bible Women will interact with Kadi after she speaks.


May 20, 2021

Open Bible Business Meeting

For Registered Credentialed Ministers and Official Delegates

This session will not be recorded.

This is an interactive session for Registered Credentialed Ministers and Official Lay Delegates only.


May 24, 2021

The Five Elements of a Complete Worship Band

For Worship Leaders and Team

Is your worship team missing something? Find out what, and how to fix it.

  • Learn the five musical elements that make a full, textured sound.
  • Avoid the traps that make your team sound muddy, thin, and harsh.
  • Teach your team members to arrange themselves and add “the missing piece” every time.
  • Get out of “Garage Band Mode” and show your team how to leave space for each other.
  • Give your team a common language when planning their arrangements.
  • Make rehearsals efficient and fun.

This course is for worship leaders and worship team members who want to take their sound to the next level.


May 25, 2021

10 Things that are Killing Your Live Stream and Sunday Service Sound

For Tech Leaders - Interactive Session

Covid-19 has forced churches to stream services online more than ever before. Some churches had the training and resources to make the change. Some didn’t. Even for churches returning to in-person services, there is a greater spotlight on sound quality.

This course is designed for worship techs and for worship leaders who want to communicate with their production teams. Learn how to “best the basics” of live sound, avoid common-but-deadly mixing mistakes, and make great improvements with little or no extra cost. This course will be live with a Q&A to follow.


May 26, 2021

Building Joyful Community in Worship and Tech Teams

For Pastors, Worship Leaders, and Tech Leaders

This course is designed for pastors, worship leaders, and tech leaders. It shows how strong leadership can make a welcoming culture, and the risks of letting a culture degrade. We show lead pastors how they can develop joyful teams even if they don’t have musical or technical skill. And we show leaders how to develop the relational skills of their teammates.

This course is based upon a foundational truth: God designed our brains to run on joy. Joy as fuel keeps the brain relational and creative. When we are happy to be with others, even work feels fun. But too often, churches treat Sunday rehearsals as a list of problems to be checked off. A brain fueled on problems produces anxiety, control issues, fear, performance, and resentment. There is a better way.

Your production team is the small group that in one way or another touches each congregant and visitor every single week. You owe it to everyone to have a healthy, joyful team.